Crime Prevention

Neighborhood Watch

This is a program designed to teach residents the importance of keeping a watchful eye out for crime and suspicious behavior. Residents are trained how to observe and when to report crime. Residents have meetings with their Police Department on a regular basis to discuss any crime trends and neighborhood issues.

Neighborhood Watch Block Captains are always being sought to help organize a new neighborhood to join the program. Contact at
Lieutenant Heimann at  314-427-8700 ext. 5 for further information or to schedule a meeting in your neighborhood.

Lock It Or Lose It

 We want to remind all residents, day or night, to "Lock Your Car Doors"..

Safety Through Effective Patrol (STEP)

"While you are in the safety of your home, a St. John Police Officer is patrolling your neighborhood." This is the message on a STEP card. Officers place these cards on residents' vehicles during the night. This is our way of letting you know that we are patrolling your community and providing a safe environment in which to live.

Crime Trends & Tips

Car Clubs and Gun Locks are available at the St. John Police Station.  Contact Denise Tucker at 314-427-8700, ext. #5.
NEVER leave valuables, especially a gun or keys in your car.