Community Policing & Problem Solving

Community Oriented Policing & Problem Solving (COPPS) Program

The St. John Police Department has implemented the philosophy of Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS).

The COPPS theory of law enforcement is based upon the premise that officers and members of the community they serve create partnerships and work together to solve problems that affect the quality of life in the community. The application of problem solving strategies is a vital element of this philosophy of policing.

This change in philosophy in the way officers do their job is bringing back the "beat" officer perspective, wherein the officer is familiar with the business owners and residents in his/her patrol area. With a COPPS Philosophy, the officers are empowered to address any and all problems within their assigned area and make every effort to solve these concerns.
Drawing of runaway boy with a police officer in a diner

Goals & Partnerships

The goal of COPPS is to utilize available resources to address community problems. COPPS does not limit the police to criminal problems only. The St. John Police Department takes pride in providing a safe, crime-free environment for all its residents. By creating "community partnerships" with local businesses, the Ritenour School District, faith-based organizations (churches) and local charities, our department can provide an invaluable amount of help and resources to our citizens in their time of need.

Non-Traditional Services

In addition to providing traditional police services, the St. John Police Department also provides bike and foot patrols. These are but just a few of the non-traditional services offered.