Senior Services

The St. John Police Department realizes that the population of our community continues to grow. As those group of residents increase in size, special needs are also required. In addition to our City providing Senior Citizen activities programs, our Police Department is committed to providing police service to our senior residents.

Officer Training & Services

All Officers have received advanced training in first aid, CPR and Alzheimer's patient recognition. Additionally Officers receive training in the investigation of the victimization of senior citizens. These same Officers provide training to our senior residents and their families regarding current crime trends that prey on our seniors.

Fast Emergency Response Time

All residents, and especially our seniors, should feel comforted with the fact that our emergency response time is generally less than 2 minutes. By simply calling 911, the police, fire and paramedics will respond for all of your needs.

COOR Registration Form

The City of St. John is committed to providing help to our residents during severe weather conditions that result in power shortages. However, before we can help, we must identify our senior citizen and special needs residents. To help us do this, we ask that you complete the COOR form (PDF). This will help to identify our senior citizens and residents with special needs. Please indicate the names(s) of a close friend or relative who know your whereabouts at most times. Also, please indicate if you have any physical or medical conditions which require or may require extra assistance.