Courtroom Rules

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  • NO WEAPONS - Any items that may be used as, or considered a weapon, will not be allowed into the building.  (Firearms, Mace, Box Cutters, Knives of Any Size or Kind, Pointed Finger Nail Files, Scissors, etc., Will Be Confiscated.)
  • ALL PERSONS ENTERING BUILDING FOR COURT WILL BE SEARCHED.  Including Defendants, Attorneys, Children, etc.            (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • ALL BAGS, PURSES, BRIEFCASES, BACK PACKS, DIAPER BAGS, ETC. WILL BE SEARCHED.  Any item considered a weapon or contraband will be confiscated (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • NO CELL PHONE USAGE IS ALLOWED IN THE COURTROOM.  Phones may be confiscated if they are being used in the courtroom.
  • CHILDREN IN COURT ROOM.  Person(s) bringing children to court will be responsible for their behavior.  Person(s) with disruptive children in the courtroom will be required to leave and wait on the first floor, in the lobby, until the Judge call them to court.
  • HEAD WEAR IN COURT ROOM.  No hats or other head wear (including bandannas, doo-rags, stocking caps, skull caps, etc.) shall be worn in the court room.  Failure to comply with a request to remove same by Court personnel may result in your removal from the court room.
  • NO TALKING DURING COURT.  Person(s) talking and disrupting court will be required to leave.  (It will be the Judge's/Bailiffs' discretion whether or not person(s) will be allowed to return to court.)