Dress Code

The St. John/Sycamore Hills Municipal Court will allow most manners of dress, but all attendees should bear in mind that he or she will be making a Court appearance before a Judge and should, therefore, dress appropriately. Effective immediately, the following dress code will be in effect.

If Court Personnel Determine That You Are Not Dressed Appropriately, You May Be Asked To Leave The Courtroom And Be Given A New Court Date To Re-Appear Appropriately Dressed.

The Listed Items Are Not Considered Appropriate And Should Not Be Worn In The Courtroom.

  • Halter tops, bathing suit tops or any top that exposes the midriff of either a male or female attendee.
  • Extremely short mini-skirts or short-shorts.
  • Hats or other head wear (including bandannas, doo-rags, stocking caps, skull caps, etc.).
  • Being barefoot and without foot covering of any type.
  • Inappropriate drooping of pants which exposes undergarments or the buttocks of the attendee.
  • Undergarments which were designed as such and should be accompanied by a piece of apparel worn over the same.
  • Clothes containing discriminatory or hateful messages; clothing that depicts or promotes violence, illegal or inappropriate activity, sex acts, illegal drug/substance use or profanity.
  • See-through clothing.
  • Opened shirts that expose the mid-section (buttoning will be required).