Building Inspections

Building codes and standards are the primary means by which building construction and occupancy are regulated. Inspecting for compliance with established construction standards and adopted codes improves the quality of life by maintaining property values, ensuring safety, and helping to keep insurance rates reasonable.

Roles Within Building Inspections

The Building Inspector of the Public Works Department provides code compliance inspections for all new building construction, both residential and commercial, as well as for renovation, rehab, and other home improvement projects. In addition, the Building Inspector performs occupancy inspections, examines and approves plans, issues permits, and enforces the City's zoning ordinances.

The Code Enforcement Officer of the Public Works Department performs occupancy inspections and inspects existing properties for compliance with the adopted International Property Maintenance Code.

The Animal/Health Officer of the Public Works Department also performs occupancy inspections, property maintenance inspections as well as handles all calls related to animals and disease bearing vectors such as rats and mosquitoes.

Contract with St. Louis County

The City has contracted with St. Louis County to provide plan review, permitting, and inspection of all electrical, mechanical, and plumbing construction and renovation.