Special Services

In addition to providing traditional police services, the St. John Police Department also offers special services.

Extra Watch on Patrol

Contact our department when problems or circumstances exist where the resident would like additional patrols at their residence. Domestic problems, family death, disgruntled employees, etc. are often reported and require additional follow-up patrols.

Vacation Checks

Contact our department at least 24 hours prior to your departure. Emergency contact information will be obtained. Additional information on pets, mail, parked autos, and lights will also be listed. Officers will make periodic checks of your residence while you are away. Please notify officers immediately upon your return.

Find the St. John Police Department Vacation Listing form in print (PDF) and as an online form.

Checking on Our Residents (COORS)

The City of St. John cares about the residents of our community. We especially try to look out for senior citizens and residents with special needs. However before we can help, we must identify these residents.

If you fall into one of the above categories, or know someone who does, please stop by City Hall and pick up a Project COOR registration form, call by phone (314-427-8700, ext. Number 5) and a form can be mailed to you, or access the print COOR registration form (PDF). The information on the form will be used to identify and contact our residents during times of power outages and / or natural disasters. Once contacted, we can provide you with water, transportation to climate controlled shelters, and notify your relatives of your whereabouts and needs. Be assured that your personal information will not be provided to anyone outside of the St. John City Hall.

Bicycle Helmets

Helmets are available for purchase from the St. John Police Department for $8 each. All helmets meet required safety standards and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Bicyclists under the age of 17 are required by law to wear protective headgear. Bring your children to the police station where an officer will assist you in getting the proper fitting helmet.

The Club - Steering Wheel Lock

Anti-theft devices are available for purchase from the Police Department for $20 each. These steering wheel locks are also known as "The Club." They are easily installed on your vehicle's steering wheel; thereby making the vehicle inoperable. Residents are encouraged to utilize the club to help prevent auto thefts in our community.

Free Gun Locks

Speakers for Club Functions

The St. John Police Department provides officers to speak at local businesses, civic and social gatherings. Topics can cover areas of crime prevention, senior citizen scams, community policing and K-9. Business organization, churches, and senior groups often utilize this service.

St. John Police College Scholarship Program

Helping students further their education is the goal of our scholarship program. Each year graduating seniors from Ritenour High School apply for one of several scholarships offered. The scholarship program is funded through various fund raising events and community partnerships with local businesses.

Ritenour High School seniors or any St. John resident ready to graduate from a local high school can obtain a scholarship application from their school guidance office.