Trash Hauling

The City contracts with one trash hauler, currently Republic Services, in order to obtain the best pricing and services for the residents. All single family, duplex and triplex residences must use Allied as their trash disposal company. All commercial businesses and other multi-family residences may contract with the hauler of their choice.


The new 2022 rates for Republic Services will take effect April 1, of 2022 and will run through March 31, 2023, are as follows:
  • $16.26/basic monthly ($48.78 quarterly) for seniors*
  • $23.23/basic monthly ($69.69 quarterly) for all other customers
These rates include once a week trash, recycling and yard waste pickup along with a trash and recycling cart, weekly bulky item pickups** and weekly appliance pickups**.

Optional Services Available at Additional Cost

Construction Material Pickups*** - This is based on the quantity and type of items. There is a $50 minimum pickup fee.
TVs and Monitors*** - There is a $75 charge for first item and $25/for each additional item. You must call before 3 p.m. one business day before your regular pickup date and arrange this type of special service. Keep in mind that the City hosts an annual Electronic Recycling Event where you can get rid of your unwanted electronic items at little to no cost.  It is held the third Saturday every June.

Qualifying for the Senior Rate

* In order to qualify for the senior rate:
  • You must be 65 years of age or older
  • You must live at a St. John residence and the account must be in your name (not a landlord's name)
  • You must notify Republic Services of your qualifications by mailing a clear, legible copy of your Drivers' License or State ID to:
    Republic Services
    12976 St. Charles Rock Road
    Attn: Customer Service
    Bridgeton, MO 63044
** Limit 2 free items per week but you must call Republic Services at 636-947-5959 in advance to schedule a pickup.
*** You must call Republic Services in advance to schedule a pickup 636-947-5959.


Some things to keep in mind regarding trash pick up service.
  1. Republic uses trucks with mechanical pick up arms. This means that all trash must be set out in the provided trash carts. They will not pick up any other can with this automated truck.
  2. The two provided containers will hold a combined 160 gallons of trash and recycling material. The recycle cart (the black one) is 65 gallons and the trash cart (the blue one) is 95 gallons. Between these two carts there should not be any reason why you would need any other cans. If you are separating recyclable materials from household garbage, both carts should be more than enough capacity. If you need more than the provided 160 gallons, you may rent additional carts from Allied Waste.
  3. All material (trash and recyclables) must be kept within the provided containers. If you set something outside the cart, or if you overfill the cart so that trash or recyclables are spilling over, they will not pick it up.
  4. Those residents who live on narrow streets must be considerate and keep cars parked off the street on trash pick up day.