Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Commission


Regular Commission Members are:
  • Jim Hess, Chairman
  • Bill Bales
  • Penny Degardin
  • Tom Halaska
  • Pam Hollenberg
  • Lee Taylor


The City’s TIF Commission is composed of 6 regular members for regular operations. Prior to the adoption of an ordinance approving the designation of a redevelopment area or approving a redevelopment plan or redevelopment project, the City must increase their Commission size by 3 members; two members from the school board(s) whose districts are included within the redevelopment plan or redevelopment area; and one member who in St. Louis County, is appointed by the St. Louis County Dept. of Economic Development, to represent all other districts levying ad valorem taxes within the area selected for a redevelopment project or the redevelopment area, excluding representatives of the governing body of the municipality.

The City of St. John has two school districts that each partially lie within the City boundaries; the Ritenour School District covers the majority of the City, and the Normandy School District covers the far eastern section of the City.

The Commission has appointed an Administrator and Secretary/Treasurer to help administer the normal day-to-day activities of the commission.