Occupancy Inspections

The City of St. John requires each dwelling/business to have an occupancy inspection performed prior to occupancy. No person may occupy or use a residential dwelling or business property until an inspection has been performed, any predications corrected, and an occupancy permit has been issued.

For existing structures, the City has adopted the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code. The provisions of this Code apply to all existing residential and nonresidential structures and constitute minimum requirements and standards for light, ventilation, space, heating, sanitation, protection from the elements, life safety, safety from fire and other hazards, and for safe and sanitary conditions in all premises, structures, equipment, and facilities in the City. The intent is to ensure public health, safety and welfare insofar as they are affected by the continued occupancy and maintenance of structures and premises.

Existing structures and premises which, at the time of inspection, do not comply with the provisions of the Code shall be altered or repaired to provide the minimum level of health and safety required by the Code. We do not issue conditional occupancy permits. All predications must be corrected before an occupancy permit will be issued.

Order an Inspection

To order an inspection, the owner of the property must come to City Hall and fill out a Code Compliance Request Form. Only the owner of a property or their duly authorized representative may order an inspection. Once ordered and paid for, an inspection will be scheduled, usually within the next day or two. After the inspection all predications must be corrected, and then the tenant may apply for an occupancy permit.


Residential Occupancy Inspection

If unoccupied prior to inspection the fee for an occupancy inspection (and one re-inspection) is $45. If additional re-inspections are required there will be a fee of $35 for two re-inspections.

If occupied prior to inspection (i.e., people have moved into a vacant home or furniture, belongings, appliances, etc. have been move into the home without first obtaining the required inspection), the fee for an occupancy inspection is $120 for the initial and one re-inspection. In addition, if additional inspections are needed, there will be a fee of $35 for two re-inspections.

Occupancy Permit

The fee for an Occupancy Permit is $45. This permit is issued to the new occupants. If this is a rental unit, the owner must provide an authorization form (PDF) (also available at City Hall) identifying all persons who are authorized to move in.

Building Permit

Varies depending on cost of construction and number of inspections required. The cost is calculated by the Building Inspector after the permit is approved. In addition to the building permit fee, the applicant shall be required to provide a cash performance bond in the amount of 10% of the total project cost or $100, whichever is greater. This performance bond will be returned to the applicant at the completion of the project and upon submission of proof that all required inspections have been obtained prior to the permit expiration date.